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The goal of the Bermuda Dietary Guidelines is to increase knowledge of the healthy options that exist and can be easily incorporated into a healthier lifestyle for all Bermudians ages two years and older. The guidelines are a general visual representation of the variety and proportion of food needed to maintain health. The guidelines also serve as the basis for nutrition messages and consumer materials developed by nutrition educators and health professionals for both the general public and specific audiences.
A selection of diabetes related videos from YouTube
Volunteers Make a Difference - volunteers can play a pivotal role in diabetes management
100 Day Challenge - Team based weight loss & physical activity program
The American Diabetes Association - The American Diabetes Association is one of America's leading nonprofit health organisations providing diabetes research, information and advocacy.
Many of these pages have the option of listening to the text which is a neat option if you may have difficulties with vision.
Joslin Diabetes Centre - Joslin Clinic is the world's first and most respected diabetes care facility. Founder 1898 Joslin Clinic has helped revoluntionise the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetes.
Web MD - The Diabetes focused resources on the website
The International Diabetes Federation - The only global advocate for the more than 230 million people with diabetes.
Diabetes Atlas - An excellent collection of diabetes related information
The Finnish Diabetes Association - The only country in the world to reverse the trend of Type 2 diabetes.
National Diabetes Support Team UK National Health Service
Diabetes UK - An excellent resource site packed with useful information
National Heart Lung and Blood Institute - Links to Other Information About Diabetic Heart Disease
Diabetes D/Life
Children with Diabetes - Children with Diabetes is the online community for parents, kids, adults, and families living with type 1 diabetes.
Pumper Wear Inc - Speciality clothing and items for children and adults who wear the insulin pump
Pumping Insulin LINKS to Diabetes and Insulin